Tempus is changing the way we see, gather, and use data from the atmosphere.

Explore the benefits of better data.


We fly hyperspectral atmospheric sounding sensors at geostationary orbit where we persistently monitor the atmosphere, enabling timely detection of conditions that provide actionable intelligence about weather, climate, water and chemistry.


The way Tempus gathers data is different. The way we analyze data is different. The value of our data is different. Instead of polar orbit with 12-hour gaps, our geosynchronous technology provides persistent data feeds. We are always on, always on time, always on the mark.

Our large data sets provide actionable intelligence so that transportation is safer, underwriting is less risky, and lives are in less danger. By seeing uncondensed water vapor we can more accurately predict the landfall of a hurricane; by seeing atmospheric particles we can inform business planners about the long term consequences of flooding, drought, and environmental changes.


Our technology produces three-dimensional soundings of the atmosphere encompassing the infrared and visible spectrums of light.


Many vertical business sectors benefit from our new, persistent data from geo orbit. This includes aviation, agriculture, transportation, energy, tourism, and anyone who needs the strength and confidence of big data that drives intelligent business planning. No industry benefits more from this spectacular knowledge than the insurance sector. Billions of dollars are spent every year gathering data to aid risk managers and underwriters in making billion-dollar decisions about everything from simple weather variances to long-term climatological shifts.

Our hyperspectral sounder technology, and highly accurate data modeling that comes from it, provide an entirely new level of confidence in strategic business planning. Every season, every day, every hour, Tempus Global Data ensures new levels of confidence.


What is the Tempus difference? We see visible and infrared bands of light and detect atmospheric phenomena that provides spectacular new looks at conditions that affect weather, climate, water and chemistry.


Assurance is not a scientific term or even a weather term. But its what we offer. Call it relief, comfort, or peace of mind. Whether you are an Admiral in the Navy commanding a fleet of ships, a farmer making decisions about planting crops, a flight planner responsible for the safety of hundreds of fights a day, or a Little League coach with a semi-final game on the line, we can all live lives of assurance. Our business intelligence data solutions put a new partner on your team and a new stream of data at your fingertips.