Ultimately, STORM™ data gives users the ability to save billions of dollars annually in payouts, fuel costs, lost sales, etc.

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The Difference

The combination of three cameras with many pixels (high two-dimensional resolution), many colors (third dimension vertical resolution), and frequent revisits (high temporal resolution), are what make the STORM concept a powerful new tool for weather observation and analysis.

The difference is weather data like no one has ever seen because it’s looking at conditions in ways no one has ever seen.

The Data

Level 1B is raw data used by entities such as the U.S. Navy, insurance underwriters and a wide range of commercial ventures who run their own algorithms to predict conditions.
Level 2 data provides dense, three-dimensional data sets of temperature, pressure, and water vapor from where the instrument was scanning. In time, we will produce a fundamental data set of the entire earth in less than an hour. The earth, a country, a coastline and, very nearly, a neighborhood.
Level 3 data is derived from Level 2 data to produce other types of information such as wind and trace gas concentrations.

Industry Segments

Weather Risk Management

Think of weather risk in terms of the potential impact on your commercial venture, and the success or failure caused by unforeseen weather events.learn more

Earth Observation

Everything about Earth’s ecosystems is changing. We must have accurate ways to observe the atmosphere, oceans and landscapes so that government and commercial interests can make informed decisions about a rapidly changing planet.learn more

Weather Forecasting

Whether turning on local news programs, checking out seven-day forecasts on mobile devices, or the more sophisticated needs of the insurance industry and the military, we are dependent on weather forecasting.learn more

Military & Governments

Stated simply, sovereign governments are increasingly in need of more sophisticated weather data to guard against the loss of lives and property, particularly in the U.S. and in other countries where severe weather and catastrophic events are increasing.learn more
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