Stated simply, sovereign governments are increasingly in need of more sophisticated atmospheric data to protect lives, make informed strategic decisions about agriculture and climate changes, and understand long-term conditions that affect climate, water and the environment.

Aging earth observation and remote sensing infrastructure poises the United States government to increase reliance on private ventures and innovative solutions.

The objective of the Tempus Global Data technology, and our new approach to atmospheric data, is to provide sophisticated atmospheric sounding that delivers new levels of intelligence and strategic information about weather, climate, water, and chemistry. As the planet undergoes dramatic changes, our persistent slices of the atmosphere provide unprecedented views of conditions in the atmosphere, from the microscopic and the unseen, to the deadly forces that destroy communities in the blink of an eye. Our hyperspectral atmospheric sounding technology will reduce forecast errors, revolutionizing the prediction of severe weather events. Our aim to improve every aspect of atmospheric knowledge is possible with our temperature and moisture profile data and unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.

The result? Everyone on the planet lives more confidently, knowing the dangers of a volatile and constantly changing environment before they happen.

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Tempus provides persistent views of the atmosphere in three dimensions, creating big data sets and actionable business intelligence about weather, water, climate, and chemistry.

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