Whether turning on local news programs, checking out seven-day forecasts on mobile devices, or the more sophisticated needs of the insurance industry and the military, we are dependent on weather forecasting.

For the most part we accept guesswork, and approximate temperatures and precipitation seem good enough. Sometimes guesswork is not good enough.

The new technology from Tempus Global Data provides advancements in every aspect of forecasting.

1- Persistence: Because we fly sensors at geosynchronous orbit we can persistently monitor the atmosphere, enabling timely detection of fast moving weather events.
2- Clarity: Our technology produces three-dimensional, soundings of the atmosphere encompassing the infrared and visible spectrums of light.
3- Accuracy: Tempus’ advanced instrumentation detects water vapor in clear skies. In essence we see weather before it becomes weather.

We can provide various levels of weather data to current forecasting companies, the media, data service companies and the entire risk management industry.

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Tempus provides persistent views of the atmosphere in three dimensions, creating big data sets and actionable business intelligence about weather, water, climate, and chemistry.

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